General Store

Seebach and Huble General Merchandise is now closed, and will reopen to the public on May 16, 2020. 


During the regular season the General Store offers a wide variety of goods, including candy, treats, drinks and food items, as well as a selection of hand made products from local artists and crafters. 

The General Store accepts:




2020 Sales

Sale schedule will be posted Spring 2020. 

Inside the General Store at Huble Homestead.
Candy at Huble Homestead.

Some of our old fashioned candy


  • saltwater taffy

  • candy sticks

  • rock candy

  • fudge

  • jaw breakers

  • anise seed balls

  • variety of licorice

Pie at Huble Homestead.

Lunch and treats include:

  • hamburger lunch

  • hot dog lunch

  • pancake breakfast

  • vegetarian options

  • floats and sundaes

  • ice cream sandwiches

  • pie

Consignment items at Huble Homestead.

Consignment goods include:

  • hand knitted socks, hats, and dishcloths 

  • baby clothing and accessories

  • honey, homemade jams, and syrup

  • furniture

  • art

  • pottery

  • Watkins products

Store merchandise at Huble Homestead.

General Store goods include:

Seebach & Huble General Merchandise


Seebach and Huble General Merchandise is proud to offer visitors to Huble Homestead an opportunity to buy goods created by local artisans and crafters. 

Knitted goods at Huble Homestead.

Hand-knit Goods

A selection of knitted goods, ranging from dishclothes, socks, mittens, baby items, and more.  

Pottery at Huble Homestead.


A range of beautiful pieces, from bowls to mugs, made in Prince George by Joanne Mikkelsen. 



We offer a selection of locally made soap, lip products, and foot cream.

Jams & relishes sold at Huble Homestead.

Jams & Relishes

A selection of fruit jams, antipastos, and relishes, all made locally.  

Quilts created by St. Michael's Quilters in Prince George.


There are many colours and sizes to choose from when browsing these locally made quilts from St. Michael's Quilters.

Wooden furniture built right in Prince George.


A staff favourite, these beautifully built wooden pieces are lovingly crafted using old-fashioned patterns.

A bouquet of steel roses sold at Huble Homestead.
Crocheted items at Huble Homestead.

Steel Tiara

A variety of custom made steel creations, from flowers to wall decor.  

Crocheted Goods

We offer a variety of crocheted items, such as clothing, bags, and adorable stuffed animals. 

Ponderosa pine needle baskets.


Unique baskets handemade in Kimberley, BC from Ponderosa Pine needles. 

Leona Nyberg painting of Huble Homestead.

Art and Cards

We offer original and printed works from artists Leona Nyberg and photo cards from Don Neufeld and Vicki Brown, and more! 


Wooden toy at Huble Homestead

Wooden Toys

Our shelves abound with plenty of wooden puzzles, trucks, cars, and more!

Wooden Items

A stunning selection of locally made wooden bowls, spoons, cutting boards, and more. Also a staff favourite!

Stack of fabric.


From pillowcases to pajama pants, we have all kinds of sewn items created by Prince George residents for sale.

Beautifully crafted ribbon creations made right in Prince George.

Triple A Accessories

Handmade adorable hair clips featuring some of Disney's most famous princesses!

Slippers by Bulldog Wrinkle.

Bulldog Wrinkle

These gorgeously made baby items, ranging from teething rings, slippers and bonnets created from fun patterns. 

Grains in Mason Jars

Salmon Valley Grains

Delicious oats and grains locally grown in nearby Salmon Valley. 

TC Creations

Locally made baby bibs, as well as other specialty items and toys. The perfect gift for a mom-to-be!


Locally sourced honey from The Bee Tree comes in a variety of sizes, and is always delicious! 

Existing consignors, please click here to access agreements and forms. 

Wooden furniture built right in Prince George.