School & Group Programs

As part of our mission to educate visitors about the historical significance of the Huble Homestead and Giscome Portage, we offer three different programs for children: historic tours and activities on site, a Pioneer Kids program for summer camps and daycares, and in-class educational programs. Historic site tours can be booked by groups of all ages. This program is on hold until 2022.

Children's tours to the Huble Homestead Historic Site can be booked right from our website! For more information about the tours, download our School Tour Information Package.


  • Choose from Historic Huble Homestead or the First Nations Fish Camp

  • The cost per student is $3.50, and supervisors are always free.

  • A normal school tour usually runs from 10:00-1:00. If you'd rather book a longer program, consider booking one of our Pioneer Kids packages, which run for 5 hours.

  • The children's program includes a tour, your choice of activity package, time for lunch, and a trip to the General Store. If you have special circumstances please contact us to customize your tour.

  • Please note that your tour is not confirmed until someone from our office has contacted you by phone or email. You can expect to hear from us within two business days.