About Us

The Huble Homestead is a historic site located in the Giscome Portage Regional Park and operated by the Huble Homestead / Giscome Portage Heritage Society. The Society’s mission is to establish a network of people committed to preserving and developing the history of the Huble Homestead, Giscome Portage, and surrounding area. Today the historic site is will be open daily starting on June 1, 2020 for guided tours, school and daycare programs, and self led activities.

The Huble Homestead / Giscome Portage Heritage Society was created in 1984 to preserve the Huble House on its original site. As a result the Giscome Portage Regional Park was established in 1986 and the Huble house was declared a designated heritage building by the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George.


The historic Huble house in Prince George.

After countless hours of work by dedicated volunteers, the site was officially opened as a living heritage site in 1989. Since that time the Society has successfully restored and reconstructed several heritage buildings significant to the area. The Society has realized many successes over the years. These include: