The animals at Huble Homestead have now returned to their homes for the fall and winter months!

Please be sure to visit in 2021 to say hello to the sheep, chickens, rabbits, and ducks!


The sheep program at Huble Homestead has been made possible by the generosity of Roma and Jim Tingle of Glenbirnam Farm.


The duck pen at Huble Homestead was rebuilt in 2013, and has been home to ducks every summer since! In 2019 the site was home to two Indian Runner ducks loaned to the society by Janelle Anderson.

The ducks will not be returning for 2020.


Over the years, the rabbit pen has been a popular stop for both children and adults. In addition to being a visitor favourite, the staff can frequently be found cuddling baby bunnies throughout the summer months. Percy Maskell of Salmon Valley has been providing the rabbits for Huble Homestead for over ten years.


The chickens at Huble Homestead in 2020 were hatched prior to the beginning of the summer season by Shirley Gebert. Popular with visitors, the chickens are always happy to be fed bread crumbs and blades of grass!



Huble Homestead Historic Site is located outside of Prince George, and is situated in the Northern BC wilderness. In addition to the animals kept on site, Huble Homestead has played host to a variety of animal and bird visitors throughout the years. When visiting, please remember that the area is shared with the wildlife in the area.