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This online exhibit covers the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, and discusses how "the worst plague since the black death" impacted the lives of millions around the world, as well as how it affected society in Prince George. The exhibit also provides resources at the end to assist in learning more about the pandemic. 

Parades of Patriotism

"When the youthful city of Prince George starts to celebrate, she celebrates in everything that the word implies. No half-way measures are tolerated..." This online exhibit, created to help mark Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation, examines the road to Confederation and the origins of July 1st celebrations in Prince George. 

This exhibit was sponsored by the PG Community Foundation and the City of Prince George in collaboration with Community Foundations of Canada

Huble House Centennial

An exhibit eight years in the making, this online display outlines the work put into celebrating the centennial of the Huble House. This exhibit showcases the events, publications, and other special tasks taken on to mark this significant milestone.

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