Huble Homestead is always looking for volunteers! Our wonderful volunteers include people of all ages, all of whom are just interested in helping out. The combined contributions of our volunteers add up to hundreds of hours of time, every second of which helps our community have fun and helps our Society fulfill our mission of preserving an important part of local history.


Do you have a special interest? Some of our many volunteer opportunities include greeting visitors, leading games and crafts at events, on-site maintenance, serving on our board of directors, artifact restoration, data entry, in-town booths, assisting one of our committees, and much, much more! Whatever your interest, there's a place for you! 


If you'd like to learn more about what volunteers do at Huble Homestead, please check our our Volunteer Information Package. If you already know you want to volunteer with us, fill out our online Volunteer Application Form to tell us how you can help out! 

For any questions about volunteering, please contact us.

A woman in old-fashioned clothing chops rhubarb on a cutting board, with a pot beside her. She is outdoors.

Upcoming Opportunities:


On-Site Opportunities

Site Set Up - Saturday, May 14

  • Loading and unloading – Meet us in town to help load the truck and unload it on site, move picnic tables into position, loading waste materials at the end of the day. 

  • Yard work – Including raking, weeding, garden preparation.

  • Painting – Volunteers are needed to stain new picnic tables, the picnic shelter floor, and other items, weather permitting.

  • Fish Camp structure repair – Some of our tent frames are in need of replacement. Good work for handy people.

  • Cutting wood – We'd love to use some of our waste wood for firewood this season; this volunteer must have chain saw experience. While we have chainsaws, we recommend using a personal saw if possible.

  • Exhibit set up – Help us set up exhibits in the warehouse, cabins, barn, Fish Camp, and Huble house.

Costume Requirements: none

Time Commitment: 9:00-3:00 (flexible). Lunch is provided.

In-Town Opportunities

Board of Directors

  • Board Director – We always welcome interest in our board of directors. For information about joining our board, contact our office. Elections for the board of directors will take place at our Annual General Meeting on June 22.

Costume Requirements: none

Time Commitment: 2 hours per month, which includes meetings and preparation time

Sewing and Costume Repair

  • Flour sacks for the Warehouse display – a number of the flour sack examples in the warehouse need replacement.

Costume Requirements: none

Time Commitment: volunteer discretion

Oral History Transcription

  • Transcribing – the society has a number of oral histories recorded, and we'd love to have the information be more accessible by transcribing the audio files.

Costume Requirements: none

Time Commitment: volunteer discretion