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The Huble Homestead/Giscome Portage Heritage Society is the proud publisher of a number of different works, all created with the intention of publicizing Huble Homestead's history and mission.

Children's Book Series

The Huble children's book series has four titles in total; the series launched in 2012 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Huble House!

Mr. Huble Builds A House

- Mrs. Huble Grows a Garden

- Mr. Seebach and the New Store

- Ceepee and the Fish Camp


The books are written by the Huble Homestead/Giscome Portage Heritage Society, and are brought to life by local artists. The first three titles were illustrated by June Swanky-Parker; the fourth title is illustrated by Cliff Mann, featuring First Nations designs by Jennifer Annaïs Pighin. 

Huble children's book series.

Huble Diaries

The Huble Diaries, written by Albert Huble, span the period of 1909 to 1919. They were used by Mr. Huble during his days of homesteading at the Giscome Portage. These diaries, now housed at the Northern BC Archives and Special Collections, located at the University of Northern British Columbia, were transcribed by a group of dedicated volunteers and staff. 

Al Huble's desk


The Huble Homestead/Giscome Portage Heritage Society has published three different cookbooks, all of which have had contributions from members of the society, as well as the public. The cookbooks feature authentic recipes from the time period the Hubles lived in, but they also feature beloved family favourites, as well as recipes used out at the homestead today.

Making bannock at Huble Homestead.
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