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We're closer than you think


Open daily

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Admission is by donation, with suggested rates:

Adults - $5.00

Children & Seniors - $3.00

Family - $10.00


15 ooo Mitchell Road

40 km north of Prince George, off Highway 97, on Mitchell Road

Plan Your Visit


Huble Homestead is open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

We offer:

  • Guided or self-led tours

    • French-language visitor guides are available upon request

  • Self-led activities and lawn games

  • Lunch

  • Shopping in the General Store


Admission to Huble Homestead is by donation; the suggested donation is:

  • Adults - $5.00

  • Children and Seniors - $3.00

  • Family - $10.00

Your donations are put towards programming, collections, and site maintenance. 

Barns and house at Huble Homestead


Huble Homestead is 40km north of Prince George, BC. To get here, travel north on Highway 97, then turn right on Mitchell Road. Continue another 6 km down a well-maintained gravel road until you reach the parking lot; the historic site is located approximately 300m at the bottom of the hill.


There are two parking lots located at Huble Homestead:

  • Main parking lot at the top of the hill

  • Lower accessible parking lot at the bottom of the hill for vehicles with disability permits or visitors that may have difficulty walking

Groups may drive down to the lower parking lot to drop off guests, but are asked to return to the upper lot. Please ask staff if you need a special allowance.


All four bathrooms on site are outhouses. One is located beside the lower parking lot, one in the upper parking lot, and the remaining in the site, beside the Animal Barn. Hand sanitizer is provided in all four bathrooms. 

Handwash and hand sanitizer stations are available to visitors in various points throughout the site. Handwash stations can be found between the two outhouses located on the site and beside the General Store. Hand sanitizer can be found in the three outhouses, the Welcome Barn, and the General Store. 


We strive to make Huble Homestead as accessible as possible. We have made the visitor experience more comfortable with:

  • Accessible parking in the lower lot

  • Universal outhouses equipped with baby change tables

  • Benches and picnic tables for resting

  • Reduced-glare signage

  • Braille signage on outhouses

The following accommodations are available upon request; please ask a staff member if you'd like to access our:

  • Large-print visitor guides

  • Guest wheelchair

  • Accessibility binder with photos of hard-to-access exhibit areas

  • Android tablet with virtual tour

If you require other accommodations, please ask a staff member.


This project was funded by the Government of Canada through the Enabling Accessibility Fund.


Things to Do
  • Take a guided or self-led tour

    • French-language visitor guides are available upon request

  • Collect a self-led activity at the General Store

    • family friendly treasure hunts 

  • Play a lawn game (or bring your own)

    • badminton

    • croquet

    • horseshoes

    • bocce

    • washers (request from staff)

    • wooden stilts and kites (request from staff)

  • Shop in the General Store

  • Order lunch or enjoy a picnic

  • Hike the Giscome Portage or try geocaching


We host a number of special events throughout the season - check out our special event schedule for 2024! 

All of these activities are included with an admission donation. 



Visitors are welcome to bring picnic lunches to enjoy at the park or they can can purchase lunch at the General Store. Food service is available everyday during our normal operating season. 

Our current menu, which may be subject to change, includes:

  • Hot Dog Lunch with potato chips or carrots - $9.50

  • Hamburger Lunch with potato chips or carrots - $10.00

  • Cheeseburger Lunch with potato chips or carrots - $10.50

  • Veggie Dog Lunch with potato chips or carrots - $9.50

  • Veggie Burger Lunch with potato chips or carrots - $10.00

  • Pancakes (until noon) - $9.50

  • Pancakes and Strawberries (until noon) - $10.50

Drinks are included with the above meals, and include a choice between Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Sprite, Nestea, orange juice, water, coffee, or tea.


On their own, cold drinks and tea are $2.00 each; coffee is $2.25.


We also offer a wide selection of old-fashioned candy, as well as our own Huble Blend coffee from North Roast, tea, cold beverages, ice cream treats, cookies, and famously delicious pie.




The weather can change quickly, and the location is fairly isolated. We recommend visitors bring:

  • a jacket

  • sunscreen

  • insect repellent

  • comfortable shoes 


Umbrellas can be borrowed from the General Store, free of charge.


Cellular phone service is available, but the signal can be weak. The strongest signal can be found at the General Store. Please ask staff for guidance if you require a consistent signal.


Huble Homestead Historic Site is situated in the beautiful BC wilderness. This means that we share the area with many animals, including bears. 

During your visit please keep an eye on your children and other members of your group at all times. If you see a bear while at the historic site, please notify an employee and move indoors quietly.

Stormy Site.jpg

Following safety guidelines, such as keeping your distance and not screaming or running if a bear is near, will help keep you, other visitors, and the bears safe.


If you see bears on Mitchell Road on your way to Huble Homestead, do not exit the vehicle.

The site also runs an animal program every summer, which includes chickens and rabbits. Please do not feed or touch any of these animals unless you have been given permission to by staff. 


  • Huble Homestead is an invaluable heritage site, and smoking is permitted ONLY in the designated area, located outside of the gates in the lower parking lot.

  • As a public place and regional park, alcohol is strictly prohibited.

  • Huble Homestead does not have electricity or running water.

Looking towads the white General Store at the homestead
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