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Artifact Donations

The Huble Homestead/Giscome Portage Heritage Society is committed to preserving and developing the history of the Huble Homestead, Giscome Portage, and surrounding area.  Our collection aims to represent the time period from 1863-1930 with a focus on items specifically relating to the Huble Homestead, First Nations history and prehistory, and pertaining to river travel on the Fraser River. 

We must be selective regarding potential artifact donations due to storage constraints, and want to ensure that everything we collect is of high quality and fits within our Artifact Collections Policy.  All artifacts entering the collection must be in good condition and be appropriate for the Society to care for and store.

If you are interested in donating an item to the Society, please fill out our Donation Inquiry form here.

Albert Huble's desk at Huble Homestead.

Frequently Asked Questions


May I drop items off at Huble Homestead?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept items that are dropped off at the historic site.  All potential acquisitions must go through an extensive research process to determine if they fit with our collection. We are unable to temporarily store items while they await a decision, as this can create issues regarding ownership.

Will my item be placed on display if I donate it to the Society?

Depending on the condition and suitability of the item, it may be placed on display or used as a touch object in our education programming.  Items may be used for research or stored in order to preserve them for future generations. We are not able to guarantee if or when we will exhibit items donated to Huble Homestead.

What can I do with my item if it is not accepted as a donation by the Society?

If the item has local significance, you may want to consider reaching out to The Exploration Place or the Prince George Railway and Forestry Museum. If the item is significant to another region, you may want to consider reaching out to a local museum in that area.

If I change my mind about donating an item, can it be returned to me?

By signing the Donation Agreement, you are transferring full ownership of the item from yourself to the Society in perpetuity. You may want to discuss the donation with family members prior to donating an item. 

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