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The Huble Children

Adelaide Marion (Ada)

Ada was born in Ontario on December 15, 1905; she was the youngest child from Annie Huble’s first marriage to William Copperthwaite. She came to Huble Homestead with her mother in 1911. Ada lived on the homestead until 1914 when she was sent to a boarding school in Edmonton. By that point Ada was known as Ada Huble. After two years Ada began to attend school in Prince George so she could be closer to home. That continued until the family moved into Prince George in 1919. 


In 1929 Ada married Clarence Foster, a conductor on the railway. The couple never had children. Ada passed away July 22, 1941 in Tranquille, British Columbia.


Ada Huble
Ada Huble
Bertha Huble
Bertha Huble.

Bertha Bernice (Bebe) 

Bertha Bernice was born on October 17, 1911. She was the first child born to Al and Annie Huble, as well as the first child born on the homestead. Born prematurely, Bertha weighed only two pounds; the tiny baby was placed in a wooden box lined with soft cotton, which was kept on the open door of an oven. This served as an incubator, allowing Bertha to survive her early arrival.


Bertha married Ivan Wyant; the couple had one son. Bertha later remarried; she and her new husband, Allan Brown, had a son named David. Bertha passed away July 21, 1958 at the age of 46.

Martha Huble.

Martha Marian  (Martha)

Martha Huble was born on April 25, 1913 on the homestead. Martha graduated from school at 15 and went to Vancouver for business school. Upon her return to Prince George she met Tom Corless, a bush pilot, and fell in love. Her father, hoping to discourage her interest in boys, took Martha out to stay in a small cabin on his trap line. One day she heard a plane flying over. Thinking it was Tom, she started to run outside; in her hurry, she hit the stove and knocked the stove pipe down, setting the cabin on fire.


Martha would eventually marry Tom Corless, and the couple would have five daughters: Barbara, Sylvia, Ida, Vera, and Deborah. Following Tom's death, Martha remarried twice; first to Carl Molgaard and later to Desmond Watt. Martha passed away October 22, 1986 in Quesnel.

Frances Patricia

Frances Patricia (Pat) 

Pat Huble was the third child born on the homestead, on a “fine cool day" on September 7, 1914. As a child, Pat got herself into a bit of mischief when she wanted to take a closer look at her mother's china, which was stored on a shelf in the pantry. The young girl put her toes on the edge of the baseboard and used the shelf to pull herself up. Unfortunately the shelf was not strong enough and Pat succeeded in pulling the shelf and all the dishes down upon herself. Needless to say the dishes were destroyed.


Pat married a man named Joe Rice and moved to California; the couple had three children, a boy (Rick) and two girls (Leslie and Lynn). Pat passed away November 30, 1989 in Menlo Park, California. 


May Huble

Gladys May (May)

Gladys May, known as May to her family, was the fourth child born on the homestead on May 1, 1916. She would be the last girl. By the time she was born, the Seebach & Huble General Store was complete, and she fondly remembered the "old fashioned candy jars and licorice at the end of the counter."


In 1938 she married William Henry who worked as a fort manager and fur trader for Hudson Bay outposts. The two had four children: two girls, Joan and Pamela, and two boys, Patrick and Barry. May passed away in Victoria in 1998.  

Al Huble Jr.

Albert James (Al Jr.)

Al Jr. was born on July 19, 1918 - he was the first boy born to the Hubles and the last child born on the homestead. Al recalled a story from his childhood where as a boy he would go into the flat-roof cabin, where there was a barrel of huckleberry wine. One day he turned the spigot on the barrel to try what was inside. Unfortunately, his little escapade turned into a disaster. He got the spigot open but soon found he could not close it off. The barrel of wine drained onto the floor as he ran to hide.


Al married Bertha Anne Howe, whom he met in England during WWII while they were both in service. Al also worked for the the railroad. The couple had one daughter, Beryl. Al passed away January 29, 2007 in Prince George.

Sam Huble

Samuel Edward (Sam)

Sam was born January 15, 1921 in Prince George. Sam was the first child born after the Hubles moved off of the homestead and into Prince George. Sam remembered that his father still had interests in Summit Lake and McLeod Lake after the family had moved away from Giscome Portage. 


As an adult, Sam worked for the Canadian National Railway. He married Violet Elizabeth Shepherd and they had one son, Myles. Sam passed away on November 6, 1987.

Dean Huble

Dean Richard (Dean)

Dean was born September 14, 1930. He was born in Prince George and was the youngest of the seven Huble children. He attended elementary and high school in Prince George before becoming a paratrooper in the Canadian Army. He was discharged in the early 1950s and worked as a river freighter for the next few years.


On October 30, 1954 Dean tragically drowned after he fell out of a boat into the waters of Summit Lake. He was only 24 years old at the time. 

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