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Josephine Mitchell

In 1929 Al Huble sold his homestead to Mrs. Josephine Walker Mitchell. Mrs. Mitchell was a wealthy woman from the United States. The Huble homestead became the WM Ranch, which catered to wealthy Americans who were looking for a wilderness experience. Mrs. Mitchell lived on the ranch during the summer months and moved back to the United States for the winter. 

Over the years Mrs. Mitchell bought up other homesteads around the WM Ranch. She expanded her operations to include horses, cattle, sheep, and chickens on her property. She hired several people to run the ranch including Ivan Wayant, Bertha Huble’s husband. The WM Ranch operated until 1957 when Mrs. Mitchell sold the land to George Stauble. Mr. Stauble logged a considerable amount of the property and had ranched cattle. In 1975 the land was acquired by the province and the land became community pasture used by the cattleman’s association. 

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