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Volunteering at the Regional Heritage Fair

Getting Involved as a Volunteer Judge

The Prince George Regional Heritage Fair is scheduled for Friday, May 10, 2024. The Heritage Fair is a community-supported event. Each year, the planning committee seeks volunteers from the community to serve as judges for the morning sessions. This is a 3 hour commitment, beginning at 8:30 AM for training, and the judging portion of the day ending around 11:30 AM. 


Role of volunteer judges:

  • Judges are recruited for their enthusiasm for Canadian heritage, their community involvement, and their positive rapport with students in Grades 4 to 10.

  • Volunteers judge the quality of the projects using set criteria, while also fostering students' interest in heritage and acknowledging their hard work.

Expectations of volunteer judges include:

  • Arrive at the Fair venue in time for judges' training. This includes an overview of the judges' role in the Fair, an introduction to the judging rubric, tips on encouraging good student interviews, and a reminder of the purpose of judging projects at the Regional Heritage Fair: to encourage and acknowledge students' interest and work in heritage.

Volunteer Judge
  • Stick to the judging assignments and timeline. Each project will be judged at least twice, so it's important to judge the projects you're assigned and wrap up your interviews according to the schedule.

  • Provide constructive and supportive comments for students to take home. Congratulate them on what they've done well and suggest actionable tips for improving future projects.

Contact us to express your interest in judging at the Heritage Fair.

Interested individuals will be contacted by email in early April.

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