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Annie Huble

Ann(e) May Hart was born in Havelock, Ontario on January 25, 1884 to Freeman and Rebecca Hart. She was their fourth daughter, and the second youngest of nine children. In 1900, when Annie was 17, she married William Copperthwaite, a young man from a family that was close to the Harts. In fact, two of Annie’s older sisters were married to two of the older Copperthwaite boys. The couple had three children: Lillian, Harry, and Ada.

When Al Huble returned to Ontario to visit his family in the winter of 1910-11 he met Annie, who was no longer married. They spent time together and he is believed to have proposed to Annie on New Year’s Day 1911 after a sleigh ride that ended in an overturned sled. This was the second marriage for both Al and Annie. Al left to return to Giscome Portage in March of 1911 and spent a few months travelling back. Annie arrived in the summer and brought her youngest daughter, Ada, with her. The two older children, Lillian and Harry, remained in Ontario with Annie’s parents.

Annie Huble

Once settled at Giscome Portage, Al, Annie, and Ada spent the first year in a small cabin that would later become the summer kitchen when the new house was built. It was in this little cabin that the couple’s first child, Bertha, was born. Annie gave birth to three more girls (Martha, Patricia and Gladys) and one boy (Al Jr.) before the family moved off the homestead and into Prince George. There the Hubles had two more sons, Samuel and Dean. Education was very important to Mrs. Huble and she made sure her children had access to a good education that was also supplemented with music and dance lessons. While living at Giscome Portage Ada had attended boarding school in Edmonton for her early school years. Later, when the other children were ready to attend school, they boarded in Prince George during the school year until the family moved into Prince George in 1919.

Annie Huble passed away in Prince George on December 1, 1949 at the age of 65.

Annie Huble, circa. 1919.
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